Advice for the New Writers & Authors

Many may think writing a book is easy. Just jot down your ideas, edit, format, and voila, you’re a published author! Not so quick there, new authors! While the love of writing and the art of storytelling sounds exhilarating and rewarding, it’s work and will require a few things more than what I mentioned above! Let me expound a bit more through some sound advice. As a new author, I can’t express how important it is for you first to define who you are as an author, what’s your genre, who’s your audience, what’s your style of writing, and more. This aspect of new authorship does not include the cutesy stuff like cover design and color choice, black and white print, hardcover vs. paperback, etc. Those elements come later on in new authorship, sorry.

Another essential bit of advice I would like to share is the importance of research. I can’t express how important this is. I know, why is research necessary in new authorship? Here’s why, if you’re not being picked up by a traditional author, you will need to carefully and diligently research your publishing options, including self-publishing. Your research should also include the legal aspects of publishing a book. Trust me, there are many legal factors to consider, and you should not only be informed but have a good understanding of them all.

The last bit of advice I would like to offer is in creating a plan of action (POA). As a new author, your POA should include everything; your thought processes, publishing goals, timelines, marketing strategy, and sales goals to start. I hope I didn’t scare you into another career choice. Writing and publishing your new book will be well worth your efforts and hard work, and adequately preparing for your authorship will ensure greater appreciation and your book’s (notice I said books) success! Now go, start writing!

Ceola J.

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Published by Ceola J.

Ceola J.– Author, Visionary, Motivational Speaker, Playwright, Minister & Business Woman Ceola J. is passionate about encouraging and inspiring women to seek and reach their God-given purpose and to live their best lives now! Having seen the struggle first hand in her young mother, and the devastation of her death at the age of 33, Ceola knew from a child what she wanted to do. Ceola found her purpose in helping, encouraging and motivating women; utilizing the victory she found through overcoming her own painful life experiences. Ceola continues to encourage and support women from all over and from all walks of life. AUTHOR & PUBLIC SPEAKER Ceola is a published author and her book “I Know It Was the Blood: A Story of Overcoming” is scheduled to release soon. Ceola J. is also working on a new book titled “Following God: A Journey of Faith.” Also, look for four new CD series, “No Apologies”, Moving Beyond the Fear” “The Purpose, the Plan, the Process, the Plot” and “Your Past Does Not Destroy Your Destiny” available soon on her website. For more information on Ceola, including upcoming appearances, speaking engagements, material offered by, or to request Ceola to speak at your upcoming event, please visit PLAYWRIGHT AND MOVIE WRITER Under Ceola’s production company, CJ Productions, LLC, Ceola created the script for the powerful and life transforming stage play “From Female to Woman to Lady.” The play debuted on May 13, 2017 at the Empress Theatre in Vallejo, CA to a well-received and full-house. Her second stage play “If These Walls Could Talk” part 1 of the trilogy debuted on July 21, 2018 at the El Campanil Theatre in Antioch, CA, again to a crowd of over 300 attendees and part #2 was well received in Oakland, Ca on May 11, 2019 and in Sacramento on June 15, 2019, both to full-houses and well received audiences. Ceola will begin touring with her 4th stage play, “Happy Walls: A Family Affair” in April 2020. Visit for more information. She is also working on her first movie “I Know” titled after her first book, “I Know It Was the Blood: A Story of Overcoming.”

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